Caution this Game was made for Monsters (PARENTS BE WARY)!!

Poor Marsha (HeHe):

Volume 1: The Start.
Volume 2: Flash Back.
Volume 3: The Devil.
Volume 4: New Start To Death.
Volume 5: Back Again.
Volume 6: Ghostly Appearance.
Volume 7: How! How!.
Volume 8: The Making Of A Devil.
Volume 9: We Need To Get Rid Of Her.
Volume 10: Help Us Lord.
Volume 11: No One Knows What To Do.
Volume 12: She Got A Big Butt.
Volume 13: She's Not Our Problem Any More.
Volume 14: Send Her To Russia Please!!.
Volume 15: China Next.
Volume 16: I Know What I'm Doing Wrong..
Volume 17: Maybe Not This Way.
Volume 18:
Volume 19:
Volume 20:
Volume 21:
Volume 22:
Volume 23:
Volume 24:
Volume 25: I Always Get What I Want.